Kushinga Phikelela Polytechnic has a Commerce and a Technical Divisions whose functions are to:

• Formulate overall policy for efficient implementation of Ministry and polytechnic mission
• Provide guidance, support, appraise staff and assist them to fulfil Divisional and Departmental goals
• Facilitate information flow and communication among stakeholders
• Prepare and deliver lectures
• Liaise with CRD, HEXCO, ITTD, and regional offices on matters relating to training that leads to Human Capital Development.
• Recruit students through Departments in accordance with HEXCO regulations
• Provide research and development through the use of new technologies.
• Support efficient registration of students and administration of HEXCO examinations
• Facilitate production activities for income generation through related departmental service provision capabilities


Technical Division

Construction Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Information Technology
Applied Arts
Applied Sciences

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Commerce Division

Business Studies
Management Studies
Management Studies
Adult and Continuing Education

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Part time courses

Email your questions to the Poly

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