All tenders and procurement notices will be posted on this page. Kindly email for more information.

Procurement Policy

All procurement processes are done in accordance with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act Chapter 22.23.

Tender Process

Procurement requirements shall be a result of competitive bidding and request for quotations by the polytechnic. Bidders are encouraged to visit the Kushphik procurement webpage to view notices and visit the polytechnic to view the procurement notice board. Bidders shall be;

  • Registered with Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) for the relevant category or categories they wish to bid for.
  • Tax compliant

Kushinga Phikelela Polytechnic is kindly asking to be quoted the following item;

1Analytical Balance23 July 2020Up to 4 d.p.1
2USB Flash Disks23 July 20208 Gigabyte53
3Safety shoes23 July 2020 size 101
4Horse pipe23 July 202020mm        100M1
5Metal sheets23 July 20200,5 gauge 
6Break Fluid23 July 2020500ml10
7Battery Water23 July 2020750ml5
8Petrol Engine Oil23 July 20205ltrs10
9Diesel Engine Oil23 July 20205ltrs10
10 solar panels   27 July 2020330 Watts04
11 Batteries        27 July 2020250 Ah04
12Charge regulator (30A) 27 July 202024V02
13Inverter 27 July 202024V – 3KVA02
14Trendet switch    27 July 202024 Port03
15Cisco switch  27 July 202010/16 port 02
16 P0e switch          27 July 202024 port01
17HP PRoBook BATTERY 27 July 2020HP-4530s03
18HP PRoBook BATTERY 27 July 2020HP-4520s03
19LAPTOP HDD SATA 27 July 2020500Gig.03
20HP POWER PACK 27 July 2020HP-62503